“I wouldn’t give up my Champion Plug-Master wrench for 100 bucks”

Mechanic tells jobber salesman why…


1. “My Plug-Master was only $5.75 with an assortment of 50 Champion plugs,” said the mechanic, “but I wouldn’t sell it for $100, if I couldn’t replace it. The way this flex-handle bends back to clear obstacles makes this wrench the greatest spark plug tool I’ve ever seen!”


2. “Look at those knuckles! Not a new mark on ’em since I started working with my Plug-Master. Used to be always banging and burning them when I had to work down inside. But no more. The Plug- Master is a knuckle’s best friend!”


3. “With my Champion Plug-Master I can work out in the open. See how this flex-handle bends back to clear the valve cover on this job so I can keep my hands up here without worrying about what happens when I free a stubborn plug. But that’s not all.”

Championworld’s favorite spark plug—engineered for every car built by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, American Motors, Studebaker-Packard, and every major foreign maker.


4. “You mean there’s more?” asked the salesman. “Sure. Like the time I save by not having to remove generators, filters and power equipment on most jobs. See how it gets at this plug buried behind the generator,” explained the mechanic.

5. “It’s like a ‘2 for 1’ deal. I save so much time on some jobs that I can just about put in two Champion Spark Plugs in the time it used to take for one.” “That’s great for profits,” said the salesman. “I’m going to sell everyone a Plug-Master assortment!”


6. “Start by selling the boss two more. Bill and Joe want their own Plug-Masters — and we can sure use more Champions. Do all your customers a favor,” the mechanic suggested, “and sell them Plug-Master assortments — because Champion has the right tool and right plug for every car.”


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