Edsel – King Size Value in the Low-Price Field


Edsel Economy Increases Its Popularity

Across the country, car buyers are thinking more and more in terms of the low-priced Edsel. Latest figures show that Edsel sales continue to exceed the same months last year.

What’s the reason for this continuing sales growth? For one thing, Edsel is now priced down with many models of Chevrolet, Plymouth and Ford. Edsel offers many “extras”, too, at no additional cost. And there are two Edsel V-8’s and an economy Six that run on regular gas.


Big-Car ComfortKing-Size Economy

The 1959 Edsel has proved to be today’s top car value in many different ways. Here is the car that gives you the size, luxury, comfort and performance of medium-priced cars costing much more. Yet, Edsel costs no more than many models of Plymouth, Chevrolet and Ford.

The big thing to remember, though, is that you really save with Edsel. First, when you buy it—because Edsel costs less money initially—and second, as you drive Edsel, because it gives you premium performance and fuel economy on regular gasoline.

Even more, Edsel features a long list of “extras” that you don’t have to pay one penny more for—many of which competition either doesn’t have, or charges extra for. These are only a few of the reasons why we say that no matter how you measure it, Edsel is the year’s “king-size value in the low-price field!” Ask your Edsel salesman for a demonstration ride. Discover for yourself the thrill of driving an Edsel.



Solidly Engineered, “Proved Out” For Dependability By Rigid Testing

One of the main objectives behind the introduction and production of the 1959 Edsel was to give the American car buyer an automobile with a maximum of quality and dependability.

Edsel parts and materials, for instance, were put through tortuous tests and “proved out” before being given an O.K. for general production. Edsel designers and engineers checked and re-checked working parts and designs to provide proper fit and longer wear. A unique Quality Control program was instituted, too—one that searches out defects, reduces any “bugs” which might appear.

In the hundreds of thousands of hours spent in developing the 1959 Edsel, each component—suspension, steering, frame and dozens more— was developed, refined and tested. Slowly, gradually, the solidly built and engineered Edsel emerged.

Some of the first Edsels built were taken to Ford Motor Company’s high-speed oval track at Kingman, Arizona, where they were exposed to hot weather, high-speed endurance testing.

Other Edsels went to Ford’s proving grounds in Romeo, Michigan, where they were torture-tested under every condition imaginable. They climbed unbelievably steep grades in forward gears and in reverse. They were driven unmercifully over extra-rough roads. They were run through deep water and sand pits. All this, to make sure that Edsel gives you, the American car buyer, the kind of car that can really take it . . . stand up under practically every condition of driving.

The Edsel body finish was proved out, too—keeps its beautiful, lustrous appearance longer. Edsel engineers at research headquarters sprayed the cars with salt spray, hour after hour, to determine the corrosion resistance

of chrome and paint. They also tested the interiors and exteriors for weathering and sun fading.

This is the basic story behind the 1959 Edsel. Every effort has been put forth to give you a quality car … a solid, dependable automobile that gives you dependable operation and cuts your maintenance costs.

1959 Edsel Ranger

EDSEL RANGER 4-DOOR SEDAN. Other Ranger models include a 4-Door Hardtop, a 2-Door Hardtop and a 2-Door Sedan.

Comfort Engineering— A New Approach to Edsel Design

When it comes to designing an automobile for human comfort, Edsel engineers go much further than measurements and slide rules.

Edsel engineers “comfort engineer” every inch of available space. They move seats up and down, slide them forward and backward, tilt them forward and backward—test every angle to insure the greatest sitting comfort. Every possible combination of driver and passenger position is checked out.

Edsel engineers also subject the car to wind-tunnel tests to determine the efficiency of heating, cooling and ventilating controls and design. Edsel air conditioning is tested under heat conditions of summer desert temperatures.

The result? The 1959 Edsel offers driver and passengers alike more roomy comfort . . . there’s extra head room, leg room and greater width on the inside for relaxed, “stretch-out” sitting. And Edsel offers more heating and ventilating comfort, too!

EDSEL: KING-SIZE BUY Extra Size, Performance, Mileage, Quality…at No Extra Cost!

This year, while many other car prices have jumped up, Edsel prices have come down! In fact, Edsel prices now match many models of Ford, Chevrolet and Plymouth.

But reducing the price of the Edsel doesn’t mean that its high standard of value and quality has been lowered. On the contrary. The ’59 Edsel still lets you enjoy the distinction, performance and luxury of a bigger, more expensive car—but at a low-priced car investment.

1959 Edsel Corsair

EDSEL CORSAIR 4-DOOR SEDAN. Other Corsair models: Convertible, 4-Door Hardtop and a 2-Door Hardtop.

And think of the advantages Edsel has to offer you. For one, it’s a full-sized car with a 120-inch wheelbase … doesn’t skimp on room. Handles with a feather touch, too! As for gas economy, Edsel saves you money while you drive, with two V-8 engines and a special Economy Six engine that

operate best on regular gasoline—squeeze extra miles out of every drop!

There are no extra charges for Edsel’s many “built-in” features, either. Features like wall-to-wall carpeting, foam rubber front-seat cushions, aluminized long-life muffler and many, many more. And Edsel—comparably equipped, item for item, with many models of the popular three— sells in the same price range!

Edsel has big-car “feel”, too. That’s because quality has been built into it. You get the weight, wheelbase and comfort you expect to find in much higher priced cars. And you’ll notice, as you inspect Edsel, that careful attention to detail throughout is a part of Edsel’s wonderful and important quality story for 1959.

EDSEL: Built To Give More of Everything for Less Money

With Edsel, big-car advantages are yours at a price you can easily afford to pay. For example, the Edsel Ranger is actually priced below 40% of Chevrolet’s models.

Some of the fine car features you will find in Edsel include self-adjusting brakes, double-panel door construction, single-control heating and ventilating system and luxurious, thick loop-pile, wall-to-wall carpeting.

Edsel also offers you a host of other extras at no additional cost— power-booster windshield wipers, inside hood release, electric clock and oil filter, to name a few.

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when talking about Edsel value, too. Underneath, you’ll find big, leaf-type springs and famous ball-joint suspension—they cushion you in comfort, give you a road-poise ride. To prevent road sway, there’s a torsion bar. And, all of these superb ride features are mounted on a wheelbase longer than that of the “popular three.”

1959 Edsel Villager Station Wagon

EDSEL VILLAGER 6-PASSENGER STATION WAGON. Also available is an Edsel Villager 9-passenger Station Wagon.

EDSEL—Top-Notch Performer on Regular Gasoline

Decide what you want an engine to do—then take your choice from Edsel’s four new engines. You have a big choice, too, because Edsel has designed its new engines to give the vast majority of American motorists exactly what they want in performance and economy.

The Edsel Economy Six is a special engine option at lower cost. This high-mileage maker saves you money every time you drive. Deep-block, over-square design principles provide greater efficiency, give power plus economy.

If your choice is a balance of both power and economy, consider either the all-new Edsel Express V-8 or the Ranger V-8. Their advanced short-

stroke, deep-block design means shorter piston travel. And this means increased efficiency, reduced friction and less wear. They give more power for less fuel. Quality features include precision-balanced crankshaft, special plated pistons, and many other advantages.

If you want outstanding performance with good fuel economy, you’ll want Edsel’s new Super Express V-8 engine. This is one of the biggest, most powerful engines in the low-price range.

The big news about Edsel’s engines, though, is that you can save money every mile you drive. Two of the V-8’s—Edsel Express V-8 and Ranger V-8—and the Economy Six operate best on regular gas!

1959 Edsel Regular Fuel Powerplants

Edsel Ranger 2-Door Sedan

EDSEL RANGER 2-DOOR SEDAN. Top quality in even the lowest priced Edsel. Features beautiful, color-keyed fabrics with matching roof linings; spacious interiors; a smooth, comfortable road-poise ride and powerful, efficient engine that operates best on regular gas.

You Don’t Pay a Penny Extra For These Features


Designed to offer more value all the way around, the 1959 Edsel gives you big-car luxury at low prices. Many outstanding features that Edsel pioneered last year are standard equipment in ’59. Self-adjusting brakes, aluminized muffler and Diamond Lustre enamel finish are a few examples.

In addition, the 1959 Edsel offers these extras at no additional cost—foam rubber front-seat cushions, safety steering wheel, electric clock, oil filter, air cleaner, wall-to-wall carpeting, power- booster windshield wipers, turn signals, arm rests (front and rear), inside hood release and dual sun visors.

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